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Mitigation of stress corrosion cracking of carbon

Purpose This investigation aims to find the degree of passivation required to completely inhibit the stress corrosion cracking of carbon steel exposed to CO-CO2-H2O environments. Design/methodology/approach A516 pressure vessel steel was exposed to distilled water with 25 per cent CO and 75 per cent CO2 at an overall pressure of 800 kPa with the introduction of potassium

Active-passive behaviour and stress corrosion cracking of

The susceptibility of A516 steel to stress corrosion cracking (SCC) is essentially restricted to the active-passive range and it increases with the presence of AlO2 ions or other impurities of Bayer solution in the electrolytes. The application of anodic protection for preventing SCC does not completely eliminate the danger of cracking, particularly in caustic aluminate and Bayer solutions. An investigation on corrosion failure of a shell-and-tube This study investigates failure mechanisms for a shell-and-tube exchanger. Crevice corrosion was the prevalent mechanism of failure. Chloride anions, heat stable acids (especially formic acid), and acidic gases (H 2 S and CO 2) were the main corrosive agents.. Crevice corrosion reduced wall thickness of tubes followed by cracks formed subsequently.

Corrosion in Alkaline Pulping Liquors NACE CORROSION

Mar 28, 2004 · Laboratory corrosion studies were carried out in green, white, and black liquors from a pulp and paper mill in the Northwestern US. The corrosion potential behavior and corrosion rates of carbon steel, stainless steel, and cast irons were determined at the service temperatures of the equipment from which the liquors were sampled, including storage tanks, evaporators, and Crevice corrosion behavior of A516-70 carbon steel in Aug 04, 1998 · Fluctuations of the corrosion potential and current were analyzed in the time domain for type A516-70 carbon steel immersed in 0.5 M NaHCO 3 or 0.1% NaNO 2 solutions containing NaCl at various concentrations. The fluctuations of corrosion potential and current observed for pitting corrosion showed a pattern distinctly different from that for crevice corrosion of this type of carbon steel

Effect of Anthraquinone on Corrosion in Continuous

Apr 07, 2002 · AQ pulping was temporarily halted until a laboratory investigation was completed to determine the corrosivity of digester liquors sampled during anthraquinone (AQ) pulping and during pulping without AQ addition. Potentiostatic polarization at 315°F (157°C) demonstrated that active corrosion rates of A516-Grade 70 and A285-Grade C carbon Effect of Temperature and H2S Concentration on Corrosion The corrosion behavior of X52 pipeline steel in H2S solutions was investigated through immersion corrosion test which was carried out in a high temperature and high pressure autoclave at different temperatures and H2S concentrations. General corrosion rates were calculated based on the weight loss of samples. The morphology and the chemical composition of the corrosion products were


The stress-corrosion cracking of A516 pressure vessel steel was investigated by the use of slow strain-rate tests. The orientation of samples to the rolling direction was investigated, and it was found that samples machined longitudinal to the rolling direction showed a slightly increased sensitivity to stress corrosion. Fatigue and fracture behavior of A516 steel used in thick A516 0.228 0.318 0.979 0.0194 0.0166 0.066 0.005 0.013 Figure 1. Geometries of (a) tensile, (b) Charpy impact, (c) fatigue, (d) crack growth rate, and (e) new proposed specimen for fatigue crack growth, and test specimens (dimensions in mm). determined. By testing, the elements of A516 steel are determined and presented in Table 1.

Figure 7 from Investigation of the susceptibility of

Figure 7. Photomicrograph showing cracks developed at location distant from the EDM notch in a SOHIC specimen stressed at 80% YS and exposed to 0.85 mole-H2S/mole-DGA solution for 168 h at 80 C, unetched. - "Investigation of the susceptibility of conventional ASTM A515-70 pressure vessel steel to HIC and SOHIC in H{sub 2}S - containing DGA solutions" INVESTIGATION INTO TUBULAR STRUCTURE FORMED corrosion of metals and alloys, the precise role of Cl in achieving pitting is not well understood [25]. Cheng et al. [26] studied the role of chloride ions in metastable pitting of A516-70 carbon steel based on the statistical analysis of recorded current and potential noise.


INVESTIGATION OF THE POTENTIAL FOR CAUSTIC STRESS CORROSION CRACKING OF A537 CARBON STEEL NUCLEAR WASTE TANKS P. S. Lam Savannah River National Laboratory Materials Science & Technology Directorate Table 2 Composition of A516-70 carbon steel (wt.%) [9] (Steels procured by Nooter INVESTIGATION OF THE POTENTIAL FOR CAUSTIC corrosion cracking within the duration of these tests. 1 CSTF C orosi n C nt l P gram, WSRC-TR - 2002 0327, Rev. 4, December 7. 2 An Assessm ent of the Service History and Corrosion Susceptibility of Typ IV Waste Tanks, B. J. Wiersma, SRNS-STI-2008-00096, September 2008.

Inhibition of Hydrogen Absorption by Steels in Wet

Feb 01, 1994 · These materials are subject to corrosion, but more importantly, most potentially are susceptible to hydrogen-induced cracking (HIC) and stress-oriented hydrogen-induced cracking (SOHIC). Kane, et al., published an overview of the materialsrelated problems.1 Effinger, et al.,2 Ehmke,3 and Strong4-5 described the points in the refinery process Investigation of the Susceptibility of Conventional ASTM Apr 25, 1999 · Results indicate that conventional ASTM A516-70 pressure vessel steel is not susceptible to HIC or SOHIC in various H2S- containing DGA solutions at the temperatures studied. INTRODUCTION Various types of cracking associated with hydrogen are seen in pressure vessel steel such as ASTM A516-70 exposed to a wet sour environment.

Pipeline Internal Corrosion - downloads.aqsim

S resulted in an overall decrease in corrosion rate of A516 (UNS K01880)(1) steel, attributable to sulfide precipitation, but increased the corrosion of the ferrite phase because of preferential cathodic re-actions on the iron sulfide.11 A recent investigation has shown that, in the absence of iron sulfide forma-tion, small additions of H 2 Saeid Kakooei Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS - Download (.pdf) The Influence of Corrosion Investigation of A516-Gr70 and API 5LX70 Steels in H2S Containing Solution more. by Saeid Kakooei Synthesis and Characterization of Al2O3:Fe Nanoparticles Prepared via Aqueous Combustion more. by Saeid Kakooei The corrosion investigation of rebar embedded in the fibers reinforced

Selected cases of failure analysis and the regulatory

May 01, 2019 · Investigations of the susceptibility of conventional ASTM A516-70 pressure vessel steel to HIC and SOHIC in H2S-containing DGA solutions Corrosion 1999, Paper No. 99430 , NACE Int. , Stress corrosion cracking of carbon steel in caustic Jan 01, 1993 · The influence of impurities (SO 3 2, SO 4 2, AlO 2 , organic species) of Bayer liquor on stress corrosion cracking (SCC) of ASTM A516 steel is evaluated by the slow strain rate tests.For this purpose, the imposed critical potential in each case is determined precisely by the transients. Results show that among all these impurities, aluminate ions have the most important effect on the

The Effect of Carburizing Medium on Carbon Dispersion

Carburizing had been a renowned case hardening method for most metal which produced hard casing protecting the surface, resulting in improvement of the mechanical, wear and corrosion behaviour. Carburizing in solid medium offer low cost advantages, thus it is widely implemented. The objective of this study is to compare the carbon thickness layer formed after carburizing process at two Synchrotron-Based Micro-CT Investigation of Oxic Synchrotron-Based Micro-CT Investigation of Oxic Corrosion of Copper-Coated Carbon Steel for Potential Use in a Deep Geological Repository for Used Nuclear Fuel Thalia E. Standish 1, These were cut from A516 grade 70 carbon 84 steel plates that had been Cu-coated via cold spray deposition or electrodeposition; details of the

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